Back To The Gym…

So this week I started going back to the gym seriously after some longterm sickness in my family and other things. It’s not a big deal – I am not a bodybuilder, don’t really have too many issues with how I look or feel (other than feeling out of shape, of course). I don’t think I look weak or small, nothing like that. I like being active and I like using my body a lot to do lits of things – I go offroading in a Jeep I built, camp, play music (drums and guitar), like to wrench on our cars, mountain bike, hike, etc. I am lucky in that I have a mesomorph body type – I am in fact a true mesomorph. My body stays at a steady weight pretty much regardless of what I do to it, I gain muscle and strength very easily, and don’t lose it very easily. What happens to me is that because of my natural tendencies, I tend to neglect myself because I can without a lot of consequence. I tend to have a few too many beers on the weekends or during hockey season, a few too many desserts on holidays, and a few too many second helpings at my Italian in-laws, and before I know it (in this case, gradually over a 3 year span), my steady weight point has been pushed up by 25 pounds. It also doesn’t help that until recently, my wife and I lived somewhere that was very difficult to be outside except in the few summer months. Oh, and I also quit smoking 2 years ago too. I’m sure that didn’t help my weight, although it certainly helped my health.

We used to live in a tiny little house in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I bought the house about a year out of college when it was just me and two dogs. It was a cabin basically, 750 sq. ft. and 2 beds/1 bath. It’s no problem when it’s just one person, but add a wife and a baby, and things get crowded fast. Add to that lousy weather 7 or 8 months per year (cold, rain/ice/snow storms several times every single week, constant mud, etc.) and no space for exercise equipment except in our unheated detached garage, and it’s pretty easy to figure out how easy it is to become unmotivated to remain physically active.

The moral here is this: take care of your body. It’s the only possession you have that cannot be taken from you until death!


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